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High Performance Vinyl Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are a large investment and one of the more expensive items required on a new house.  We don’t look at windows as just another item in a long list of commodities needed for a new house. Windows and doors are an investment. Knowing the quality and performance of the windows and doors specified for your home has benefits for many years in very tangible ways, including utility cost savings, functionality, beauty, dependability and overall cost of ownership. If you are a homeowner, ask about the windows being specified for your new home and do some research. Check out North Star high performance vinyl windows and doors.  We are confident you will love them as much as we do!

We know

windows and doors! 

We have extensive knowledge of our products and can recommend the best solution for your specific project. We can explain the performance and functionality between single hung, double hung, casements, Low E 366, Argon gas, etc., so you can make the best choice.

We understand

construction practices and codes!

We are very familiar with the construction industry since we have been working in it for a very long time. We can help with tempered glass, egress and energy code performance solutions. And yes, we have the latest code book, all 862 pages.

We specify

windows and doors!

We offer take offs directly from prints. Give us your print and we’ll turn around your quote quickly.  If you need replacement windows and doors, we can come out and measure, order your precise window and door sizes and expertly install them.  If you already have a contractor to install your windows, just provide us with your measurements and your new windows and doors will be manufactured to your exact specifications.

We deliver

windows and doors!

We offer prompt delivery of your windows, directly to the job site, exactly when you need them.

We service

windows and doors!

The size of a company’s service department says a great deal about the quality of their products. North Star has one field service technician, which proves the quality of their windows! We can also do most service work ourselves.

We install

windows and doors!

If you need replacement windows, we have an experienced installation staff. They will replace your windows and doors in an efficient manner with minimal disruption to your home.